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Two-Component Color Pavement Marking
Two-Component Color Pavement Marking
Two-Component Color Pavement Marking

Two-Component Color Pavement Marking


The main component of Two Parts Liquid Type of Color Pavement Marking is modified epoxy resin, so its advantages are its good adhesion, good anti-slip performance, fast dry, and so on. It is especially suitable for the rainy day and provides road users with a good visual identification effect and good anti-slip performance. It prevents road users from slippery accidents and is suitable for different road sections such as driveways, downhill sections, sharp curve areas, parking lots, pedestrian paths, bicycle lanes, general roads, and highways. With the good performance, it not only ensures the safety of the road users, but it also helps beautify the landscape of the city.


  • Within modified epoxy resin, the hardening time is shortened to be 10~15 mins.
  • With a professional spraying machine, it could help maximize application efficiency.
  • The aggregates are fixed firmly to the pavement by the high adhesion of the resin. It upgrades the anti-slippery performance and prolongs the shelf life.
  • It is suitable for applying on every type of pavement. It is not limited by the environment and the ground temperature.
  • The recommended thickness is 0.4 mm~3 mm. Users could adjust the thickness by changing the spraying quantity of aggregates.
  • Road sections are suitable for application: downhill section, sharp curves area, parking lot, bike lane, walkways, and highway.