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We already accumulated tens of years on the innovation of the premelter for road marking application. Through years of research, the design, function, and quality of Premelter YH-K200S could meet the high-end needs of the thermoplastic road marking market. With the outstanding melting efficiency and easy operation, it upgrades the working efficiency on the job site.


  • By uniformly heat cycling, it helps save the gas and speed up the melting.
  • Uniform heating, high efficiency of melting could be achieved.
  • Propeller stirring is automatically controlled by an efficient oil pressure system. Not only does it help save manpower and time, but users could also adjust the stirring speed to meet various conditions on the job site.
  • The engine is easy to start and stop which makes the operation simpler.
  • One single pot can be equipped with a powered engine. It could easily fit various kinds of construction vehicles.
Item\Serial No. YH-K200S
Total Length 1,282mm
Total Width 700mm
Total Height 1,267mm
Weight(kg) 330kgs
Capacity 200kgs
Engine Air-cooled type Gasoline 5.5HP(Single Pot)
Driver Type Vertically mix by oil pressure
Mixing Method By Vertical Propeller (no axis on the bottom.)
Heating Method Six consecutive torches