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Line Eraser:YH-LE9


Through years of research and technical cooperation with Japan, YH-LE9 could meet the high-end needs of the road line erasion. With the fabulous erasion efficiency and economical design, not only could it help improve the efficiency of road line erasion, but it also tremendously reduces the damage of the existing pavement that lowers the cost of road maintenance.


  • The machine is light and handy. It is stable during vibration.
  • The mechanical design is most suitable for users to operate and control.
  • It is equipped with three pieces of cutters. With its special vibration frequency and the rotation of the cutters, it is easy to remove the road lines.
  • Each cutter is made of special steel that tremendously enhances the shelf life of it.
  • The cutters could be easily unloaded and replaced, it helps save manpower and time while the performance of road line erasion is enormously improved.
Item\Serial No. YH-LE9
Total Length 1,150mm
Total Width 520mm
Total Height 870mm
Weight(kg) 170kgs
Engine 8.5HP、270cc
Cutter 3pcs/set