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Synchronized Solar Warning Light
Synchronized Solar Warning Light
Synchronized Solar Warning Light

Synchronized Solar Warning Light


This smart indicator light is made of PC or ABS. It uses a solar panel and lithium battery for energy saving. Unlike the irregularly flashing of the traditional solar light, the flashing frequency of this product is controlled by radio signals and it generates consistent or synchronous flashing. By using a cell phone and a tablet personal computer, users could easily change the flashing patterns and turn them on or off. This device is well designed for road users. It not only makes road users clearly understand the road direction,but it could also remind them of avoiding accidents in dangerous and special places. With modular flashing patterns, it could regularly guide the drivers to the right lane.


  • The power storage is made by the solar panel and the lithium battery. It provides a clear warning effect and it’s easy to be used where the electricity is not that accessible.
  • The Flash patterns and status could be controlled and monitored by the embedded radio module.
  • It is different from the irregular flashings of traditional solar signs. The flashing frequency of SIL could be controlled by radio signals and it makes each SIL sequential.
  • Each circle light is an independent device. It avoids circuit repair problems. If a device fault or loss happens, the original settings of flashing patterns are still carried on.