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From a Rock to a Gem: A Passion for Excellence

Its main activities are the production and sale of chemical raw material, such as calcium carbonate, mullite sand for precision casting, refractory materials, and thermoplastic road marking material. The ancestor of YHC was Yu Sheng Chemicals Co., Ltd. founded in 1966 in Tung Shan Hsiang, Ilan County, and the first manufacturer of calcium carbonate in Taiwan.

Our company is headquartered in Hsichih District, New Taipei City. In the headquarters, it functions as administrative services as well as sales for North Taiwan, foreign sales, and R&D. Our business is divided into three divisions: Chemical Division, Traffic Safety Division, and Precision Casting Division.

Most of our products are manufactured in our Kaohsiung factory located in the Yong An Industrial Park, we also have a manufacturing partner in Ilan County. Both locations are equipped with automated material feeding, grinding, classifying and packaging, as well as a complete range of laboratory equipment for quality control.

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Yeng Hsingh Co., Ltd. (YHC) was established in 1981

  • Foundation of Yeng Hsingh.
  • Start production of Thermoplastic Road Marking Material.
  • ISO 9002 Certification
  • First company to obtain Taiwan National Standard for TRM material.
  • Obtain JIS Certification TRM production.
  • JIS Certification of Glass Beads production
  • Promotion of road surface colored plastic paint from Japan
  • Colored Road Pavement Technology transfer from Japan
  • Development of anti-skid TRM material
  • Cooperation with 3M for All Weather Thermoplastic (AWT)
  • Set up branch office in Philippines
  • As institutional member of The Road Engineering Association of Asia & Australasia(REAAA)